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Welcome to Bark-shire Dog Training School


Living with, and training your dog should be fun.


We offer training from:


Pre- puppy visit to give advice on preparing you and your home environment for your new best friend, eg. Settling in, toilet training, crate training, equipment needed, puppy’s health care and how puppy safe is your house and garden.


One to one puppy courses working within the home environment so puppy and handler are relaxed and at ease. The whole family   can be involved.

Our puppy training classes are six weeks long, once a week at times to suit you and your puppy.   This includes an achievement award.

The classes are very motivating for you and your puppy, but most of all fun. All training is gentle,   no harsh handling, reward based so puppy is never setup to fail.


So if you feel this is for you and your new puppy, please give me a call.


We cover a 5 mile radius of Old Windsor for all our training and visits.

Other distances would need to be agreed.


See our Contact Us page for ways of contacting Julia