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I  have worked at Battersea Dog & Cats Home as a Home Visitor for 15 years. I first do a pre- visit giving advice to would be adopters, before their new rescue animal arrives home. I then follow up with an after visit to make sure the new arrival has settled into the home. During these times I have often given behavioural advice for eg. meet and greet, heel work, toilet training, crate training etc.During my time at Battersea Dog & Cats HomeI have continually kept up to date with modern developments in animal training and welfare. I have attended numerous seminars in animal behaviour, dog first aid, dog law, and various dog related subjects. I have always had my own dogs, various breeds all with their own different traits.Which I love to pieces!

Julia is responsible for one to one training and advice, should you require any further information

please feel free to contact Julia.